Modern Moulding Technology For Aluminum Casting

- Oct 18, 2018-

The complex aluminum casting is a new technology which takes the low pressure casting technology of the electromagnetic pump as the core, the aluminum smelting and molding compound purifying technology and the manufacturing core, and produces the high quality aluminum casting modern technique. Electromagnetic pump low pressure casting metal melt transmission system has a stable flow, convenient flow control, the mitigation process of molten alumina and easy to realize the advantages of the process of automation, which not only cast the quality of the improvement of aluminum castings casting, but also can improve the working environment.

Reduce labor intensity, realize automation and modernized foundry production. The purification of molten enamel alloy castings is an important component of aluminum smelting and composite purification facilities in addition to gas injection and spin foam ceramic filters with high degassing, unless the performance of metal inclusions. In addition, it uses a new long-life lining material and has a separate insulation/heating system that can be used for a large number of continuous production and also for intermittent production. The technology is highly efficient, long life, low cost, efficient, easy to install, use and flexible.

Foundry experience tells us that to solve complex problems of quality aluminum castings in three main areas:

(1) melting and melting of molten aluminum,

(2) The smooth transition of molten aluminum metal halide lamp

(3) The size and stability of the mold and the process of the sand core. The modeling of core manufacturing processes can be seen to have a direct impact on casting quality and yield. Casting porosity, sand, scar, thermal cracking and surface quality, dimensional accuracy, the relationship between sand performance is very good. The new technology of modeling and manufacturing is the Pepset core resin binder used in the original zirconium sand resin from hard sand, the difficult kind of self-hardening sand mechanism of an independent, non-hardened chemical reaction initially, it is time to start hardening, the curing reaction once started fast. So the trainer bag, because in a hard, high-strength, fat gas collapse of the small, has good performance is the complexity of the casting surface, to ensure the quality and stability of dimensional accuracy.