Why more and more industries choose gravity casting

- May 20, 2019-

Gravity casting

1. Gravity casting method is also called metal mold casting method. The forming principle is to supplement the solidification shrinkage by gravity. This gravity casting mold can be reused up to 10,000 times, also known as permanent mold casting.

2. The mechanical properties are better, the solid solution heat treatment is mature, the production efficiency is high, the dimensional accuracy of the appearance is more accurate than the sand casting, and the mold is relatively cheap.

3, the product has a high degree of freedom, the mechanical properties of the sand core can be better, the things are more mature, the solid solution is better, the production efficiency is higher than the traditional one, and the dimensional accuracy is high.

4. The casting size of the casting method of gravity casting is still high, because the casting will be deformed after heat treatment.

5, gravity casting method is more suitable for a small number of orders production process.