What related problems can be raised on gravity

- Jun 26, 2019-

1. In centrifugal casting, is it all gravity casting?

In centrifugal casting, not all, gravity casting, so the answer is no, because in centrifugal casting, pressure casting, it is not gravity casting, therefore, will this conclusion And, I hope everyone can keep in mind.

 2. If the hub is gravity cast, then, will there be a good casting effect?

In general, it is not recommended to use gravity casting because the casting effect is not so good, the casting density is not uniform, and problems such as roughness are likely to occur. Therefore, it is recommended to use forging or low pressure casting to get a good casting effect.

 3. What type of workpiece is suitable for high pressure casting, low pressure casting and gravity casting?

High-pressure casting, which is injection-molded under mechanical high pressure, is suitable for thin-walled workpieces, and low-pressure casting, which is cast using low pressure, so it is suitable for workpieces with a wall thickness. Gravity casting, which uses liquid gravity to complete the casting process, is therefore suitable for general castings.