What is the coupling used for? How much do you know about the selection of the coupling?Part 2

- Sep 19, 2019-

1. Mechanical characteristics of the power machine

Between the power machine and the working machine, the main and driven ends are connected by one or several couplings of different types and specifications to form a shafting transmission system. Due to the different working principle and mechanism of the power machine, the mechanical characteristics are quite different, which has an unequal influence on the transmission system. Different types of power machines, due to their different mechanical characteristics, should select the corresponding power factor KW to select the best coupling suitable for the system. The category of the power machine is the basic factor for selecting the type of coupling. The power of the power machine is one of the main basis for determining the performance of the coupling, and is proportional to the torque of the coupling.

2, corrective ability

The correcting ability refers to the radial, angular and axial recovery ability of the elastic coupling of the elastic coupling itself. According to the precision and error of the connection between the machine and the use occasion, the coupling with different correcting ability is used to correct the error caused by the machine and prolong the service life of the motor and the screw or other transmission device.

3. Load category

Due to the different construction and materials, the coupling capacity of the couplings used in the transmission systems of various mechanical products varies greatly. The load category mainly forms different types of loads for the impact, vibration, forward and reverse, braking, frequent starting, etc. of the working load of the working machine. The load category of the drive train is the basic basis for selecting the type of coupling.

4, the allowable speed of the coupling

The allowable speed range of the coupling is determined by calculation based on the allowable line speed and maximum outer edge size of the different materials of the coupling. The range of allowable speeds of couplings of different materials, varieties and specifications is different. Changing the material of the coupling can increase the allowable speed range of the coupling, depending on the machine type.

5, the working environment

Couplings are used with a variety of different host products, and the surrounding working environment is more complex, such as temperature, humidity, water, steam, dust, sand, oil, acid, alkali, corrosive medium, salt water, radiation, etc. One of the important factors that must be considered when using the device. The coupling materials used are different depending on the environment.