What is the coupling used for? How much do you know about the selection of the coupling?Part 1

- Sep 15, 2019-

1, according to the type is divided into the following most common categories:

Metal diaphragm coupling: suitable for servo motor, encoder, planetary reducer, ball screw, compressor, mixer, paper machine, robot and other mechanical equipment.

Plum-type coupling: suitable for encoders, servo systems, motor spindle drives, packaging machinery, machine tool drives, pumps and other machinery.

Bellows coupling: suitable for encoders, CNC machine tools, positioning systems, ball screws, indexing plates, planetary gear reducers.

Spring coupling: suitable for rotary encoders, stepper motors, screw rods, etc.

Parallel coupling: suitable for connection of stepper motor, encoder, screw and so on.

Cross slider coupling: suitable for tachometer, encoder, screw, machine tool and other machinery.

Universal joint and rigid coupling.

2. According to the performance classification, there are mainly rigid couplings, large torque couplings, miniature couplings, high-precision couplings, high-elastic couplings and precision couplings.

3, according to the purpose of classification: servo motor coupling, encoder coupling, stepper motor coupling, engine coupling, CNC equipment coupling, printing equipment coupling, textile machinery coupling, Heavy equipment couplings, packaging equipment couplings, chemical equipment couplings, pump couplings.

The correct choice of coupling is closely related to the quality of the mechanical product. On the basis of correctly understanding the varieties, types, specifications and their respective concepts, the couplings should be correctly selected according to the needs of the transmission. Firstly, the couplings are selected from the standard types. Most of the standard couplings are versatile, each Couplings have their own characteristics and suitable range of use, which can meet the selection of various situations. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to change the size and material of the coupling by itself. Only when the existing standard coupling can not meet the needs. Only design the coupling according to specific requirements. Among the many standard couplings, the correct choice of couplings is related to the performance of mechanical product shaft transmission, such as reliability, service life, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracy, economy, etc. A series of questions are also related to the quality of mechanical products. When selecting the coupling, the designer should select the coupling based on the need of the shaft transmission and equipment characteristics. It should avoid mis-selection or improper selection of the coupling and affect the working quality of the equipment. It is not possible to simply consider the main and driven end connections. Select the coupling.