What are the requirements for precision casting processing?

- Apr 04, 2019-

First, the end of the transformation from labor, resource-intensive to skill-intensive, from coarse pollution to green intensive, product quality, variety, quantity and international advanced level, the proportion of quality materials is agile Adding, the production power and economic benefits of the entire precision forging factory are doubled; environmental pollution has been handled in a useful way, and China's foundry material industry system has been initially established in harmony with the environment.

Secondly, it constitutes a research and education and training base with a combination of production, study and research with reasonable structure and high overall level. It can continuously deliver professional talents to enterprises, and constantly announce new varieties of high-quality and high-grade casting materials, and is satisfied with the increasing addition of casting materials. Demand, while gradually increasing the intensity of skill exports.

Thirdly, it is necessary to complete the adjustment of industrial structure and screen a group of small precision forging factories with low skill level, poor product quality, serious pollution and poor economic efficiency, which constitute a relatively small gathering of "small great men" and "star enterprises". Specialized and large-scale production. In particular, one or two key enterprises that can compete with internationally renowned enterprises must emerge. They have high skill level, excellent technology and equipment, strong capital, advanced management level, and can continuously supply high-quality, high-quality foundry products to the market. The rate is high.

If the casting processing work can reach the above expansion policy and strengthen itself, then the casting processing work will be able to play its leading role model and lead role in the foundry work, driving the foundry industry.