What are the requirements and their doubts on gravity casting mold materials?

- Jun 30, 2019-

1. If gravity casting molds use steel, what can be used? And sand core mold, which can be used as a gravity casting mold?

On gravity casting dies, if steel is used, then spheroidal graphite cast iron and hot work die steel can be used. For the sand core mold, since it can be regarded as gravity casting production in a broad sense, it can be used as a gravity casting mold.

2. Gravity casting mold, will it cause rust corrosion during use?

 The answer to this question is affirmative and unquestionable. Because the gravity casting mold is in use, if the operation is not used properly, or if there is no good maintenance work, there are other factors, etc., it will be rust and corrosion, and it may cause the mold to be scrapped and cannot be used. , resulting in economic losses.

3. What are the specific requirements for gravity casting molds for different materials?

 In the gravity casting mold, it can be made of different materials, so it is different in requirements. If cast iron is used, it is generally not surface treated. In the case of cast steel and hot work die steel, it is required to carry out carburizing, nitriding or carbonitriding. For the carbonitriding process, it cannot be ignored that it is subjected to quenching treatment, otherwise the surface performance requirement cannot be achieved.