What are the basic aspects of aluminum alloy gravity casting?

- Jun 28, 2019-

1. Aluminum alloy gravity casting, is it a metal type gravity casting? Why is it suitable for small to medium scale production?

Aluminum alloy gravity casting, which belongs to metal gravity casting, and this is no doubt. As for the medium and small-scale production, the specific reason is that the cooling rate of the molten metal in the metal mold is relatively fast, and the obtained casting is dense in structure, and has the advantages of simple operation and high production efficiency. Therefore, this conclusion will be reached.

2. What can we get by gravity casting of aluminum alloy?

 Through aluminum alloy gravity casting, we can get aluminum alloy castings. Therefore, the specific definition of aluminum alloy castings is:

A liquid mold or a metal mold is used to pour liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy into a cavity to obtain aluminum or aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes, and this part is referred to as an aluminum alloy casting. Therefore, it can be seen that its operation is still uncomplicated and easy to implement.

 3. Which density is higher when aluminum alloy gravity casting is compared with extrusion? In addition, does the mechanical properties of the 6061 grade aluminum alloy change after gravity casting and heat treatment?

Aluminum alloy gravity casting and extrusion, the density of the extrusion, then the density of the extrusion is higher. For the 6061 grade aluminum alloy, its mechanical properties will change after gravity casting and heat treatment, because the heat treatment is mainly used to change the mechanical properties of the casting. Therefore, this question, no doubt, the answer is yes.