The difference between aluminum alloy gravity casting and aluminum alloy gravity casting

- May 26, 2019-

The product produced by this method has high dimensional accuracy, beautiful appearance, good compactness and high strength, especially can be used for T6 heat treatment, so that aluminum casting has high strength, hardness and elongation, and is used in some applications with high mechanical properties. Medium, such as aviation, automobiles, railways, medical care, etc. The aluminum wheel hub of a car is a typical application. Many friends think that it is made by die casting. This is not true. The aluminum wheel hubs of the world are made by gravity casting or low pressure casting. They cannot be die-cast or die-cast. The inside of the aluminum casting is filled with a large amount of gas, forming a large number of small bubbles, on the one hand, the mechanical properties are lowered, and on the other hand, the existence of the bubbles causes the T6 heat treatment to be impossible, and the mechanical properties cannot be further improved. And the aluminum alloy component produced by the aluminum alloy die-casting process needs to contain high iron content, and the iron content determines the elongation of the cast aluminum part, and the high iron content has the low elongation of the cast aluminum part, which is what we often say is brittle. The impact resistance is poor, so aluminum alloy castings such as aluminum wheel hubs that require high strength, high safety and impact resistance cannot be produced by aluminum alloy die casting process.