Steps about stone polishing

- Mar 19, 2020-

① Coarse grinding: The grinding blade is required to eat a large amount of knife, high grinding efficiency, rough grinding pattern, rough surface, mainly remove the saw blade traces left by the stone in the previous process and flatten the stone. , The molding surface is ground in place;

②Semi-fine grinding: remove rough grinding marks to form new finer grains, make the surface of the stone smooth and smooth;

Fine grinding: The finely ground stone surface pattern, grains, and colors have been clearly displayed, and the surface is fine and smooth, and begins to have a weak gloss;

④Fine grinding: The surface of the stone after fine grinding has no visible marks. The surface is getting smoother and smoother, and the gloss can reach above 55 degrees;

⑤Polishing: Use a special granite polishing machine to grind the stone from coarse to fine from the 50th to 3000th stone water mills, making the ground bright and smooth as new. The polished stone surface is as bright as a mirror, and its gloss can reach 85 degrees.