Program format for NC machining

- Oct 19, 2018-

Regular machining programs consist of a start character (a single column), a program name (a single column), a program body, and a program end instruction (a general single paragraph). There is also a program terminator at the end of the program. The program start character is the same character as the program Terminator:% in the ISO code, ER in the EIA code. The program end instruction can be M02 (program knot) or M30 (paper tape ends). NC machine tools generally use a stored program to run, at this time M02 and M30 in common: After the completion of all other instructions in the program section, to stop the spindle, coolant and feed, and the control system reset. M02 and M30 are fully equivalent when used on some machine tools (systems), and in other machine tools (systems), the following differences are used: the end of the program with the M02, the cursor stops at the end of the program after the automatic operation, and the end of the program with the m3o to run the situation, Automatically after the end of the cursor and screen display can automatically return to the beginning of the program, a press the Start button can run the program again.

Although M02 and M30 allow a program segment to be shared with other program words, it is best to list them in a single paragraph, or to share only one segment with the order number. The program name precedes the program body, and after the program start character, it is generally exclusive. There are two forms of the program name: one is the specified English word (multi-use O), followed by a number of digits. The maximum allowable number of digits is specified by the specification and is common in both two-and four-bit types. This form of program name can also be called a program number. Another form is that the program name is composed of English characters, numbers or English, numbers, and the middle can also be added to the "-" number. This form makes the user name program more flexible, for example, in the LC30 CNC lathe Machining Part drawing number 215 of the flange of the third procedure, can be named Lc30-fiange-215-3, which will be used, storage and retrieval, etc. bring great convenience. The type of program name is determined by the CNC system.