Precision casting manufacturer's regularity and production process

- Apr 12, 2019-

China's precision casting profession is in a relatively difficult period, but from a long-term perspective, the development of its precision casting industry is still a certain expectation, first and foremost because its market demand has gradually begun to pick up, China's casting profession The expansion now has strong strength.

If precision casting is fundamentally useful, advance the level of its precision casting skills, it is necessary to develop the imitation skills, and the usefulness of the forward guessing can be used to enhance the control of the process to a certain extent, so that the finished product can be advanced. rate.

The problem of the regularity of precision casting is not well mastered, which will directly affect the yield in the process of mass production. The demand for self-organized consciousness and the improvement of research and development capabilities of enterprises will also be emphasized and strengthened. The combination of "production, learning, research".

In the process of application, precision casting can be used to pay attention to the research and development of its materials. The materials in the equipment are the foundation of the industry. There are also many things to do in the process of application. The alloy materials are especially new to high-temperature alloys. Research on profiled precision casting materials and improvement of melting skills.

In the process of manufacturing, precision casting needs to pay attention to the improvement of equipment skills. The process is still the equipment problem. Many key equipments, such as its Ningguo equipment, are still relying on imports. The research and development of precision casting equipment is still the key.