Optimization of NC Programming

- Oct 19, 2018-

In order to improve production automation degree, shorten the programming time and reduce the cost of NC machining, a series of advanced NC machining technology has been developed and used in the aerospace industry. such as computer numerical control, that is, the use of small or microcomputer to replace the controller in the CNC system, and stored in the computer software to perform the calculation and control functions, the soft-connected computer numerical control system is gradually replacing the initial state of the numerical control system. Direct numerical control is a computer directly controlled by a number of CNC machine tools, it is suitable for small-batch short-cycle production of aircraft. The ideal control system is an adaptive control system which can change the processing parameters continuously, although the system itself is very complex and expensive, but it can improve the processing efficiency and quality. In addition to the improvement of CNC system and machine tool in hardware, there is another important aspect of the development of the software. Computer-aided programming (also called Automatic programming) is the programmer to write a program in numerical control language, input it into the computer for translation, and finally by the computer automatically output perforated tape or tapes. The more widely used numerical control language is apt language. It is broadly divided into the main handler and the post-processing program. The former is to translate the program written by the programmer, the tool trajectory is calculated, the latter the tool path into the NC machine tool parts processing program. NC machining, is in the workpiece before processing in advance on the computer to write a good program, and then input these programs to use computer program control machine for command processing, or directly in this computer program control machine Control Panel to write instructions for processing. The process of processing includes: walking knife, changing knives, variable speed, changing direction, parking, etc., are automatically completed. NC Machining is an advanced method of modern mold manufacturing and processing.

Of course, CNC processing means also must not only for mold parts processing, the use is very wide.