Operation Process of NC machining

- Oct 19, 2018-

CNC machining, is a generic part of the numerical Control machine tool for the processing of parts of the process. CNC machine tool is a computer to control the machine tool, used to control the machine tool computer, whether it is a dedicated computer, or general-purpose computers are collectively referred to as the number control system. The Movement and auxiliary action of NC machine tools are controlled by the instruction of NC system. The instruction of the NC system is compiled by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, the processing requirement, the characteristic of the machine tool and the instruction format (NC language or symbol) stipulated by the system. NC System According to the program instructions to the servo device and other functional components issued the operation or the end of the information to control the machine's various movements. The machine will stop automatically when the process of the part is finished.

Any kind of numerical control machine tool, in its numerical control system without the input procedure instruction, the numerical Control machine tool cannot work. The controlled actions of the machine include the starting and stopping of the machine, the transformation of the rotation direction and the rotational speed of the spindle, the direction, speed and mode of the feed motion, the choice of the tool, the compensation of the length and radius, the replacement of the tool, the opening and closing of the coolant, etc.