Machining of all kinds of machinery and processing methods Part 2

- Mar 26, 2019-

Tool grinding machine grinding processing

Tool and cutter grinding machine is a grinding machine specially used for manufacturing tools and grinding tools. There are universal tool grinding machine and special tool grinding machine. Universal tool grinding machine is used to grind all kinds of cutting edges, also can be grinding edge grinding machine, drill grinding machine, milling cutter grinding machine, broach edge grinding machine, hob edge grinding machine, tap groove grinding machine, round die shovel grinding machine and caliper grinding machine. The common feature of tool grinder is that the cutting force is small, the diameter of grinding wheel is small, and the spindle support mostly adopts rolling bearing. On the universal tool grinding machine, the grinding head can be rotated, and the cross worktable can make the movement in the vertical and horizontal direction. The special tool grinding machine structure layout is different according to the different parts of the grinding. The operation of tool grinder is mainly manual, but also semi-automatic and fully automatic. With the use of diamond grinding wheel and cubic boron nitride grinding wheel and the improvement of tool grinding technology, high speed grinding and high efficiency tool grinding machine have appeared.


Grinding (grinding), also known as grinding with grinding wheel abrasive and abrasive grinding workpiece surfaces (such as aluminum oxide silicon carbide particles) machining is usually called the use of grinding wheel for processing machine tool grinding machine, with oil stone or abrasive processing machine tool known as fine grinding machine grinding wheel is there are many small and extremely hard abrasive particles, with a kind of binder bonded cutting tools from the perspective of the cutting action of it, on the surface of the grinding wheel every micro grits, its effect is equivalent to a small blade, grinding, like countless small blade cutting at the same timeDuring the process of grinding, grinding grain of the edges and corners of grinding blunt, due to the effect of cutting force, often broken or fall off, revealing the new sharp hone, since the sharpness of this phenomenon is 

called grinding wheel abrasive grinding process produces a large amount of heat, so need to use a large amount of the flow of cooling water cooling grinding range is very wide, almost every kind of surface grinding process can be used, such as various plane of conical surface, inner and outer cylinder inside and outside screw gear spline formed surface etc. In addition, grinding machining hardened steel cemented carbide cutting tools generally more difficult to machining hard materials due to the grinding wheel edgeSelf-sharpening, and grinding is cutting speed is very high, as well as the grinding machine itself precision is higher, the precision of the workpiece after grinding and surface finish are very high, generally grinding accuracy of 1-2, finish up to 7-10;When facing fine grinding, accuracy can reach 1 class above, smooth degree can reach 14 at present, grinding processing is used as the finishing process of parts surface commonly, but also can be used for rough machining work such as preprocessing and cleaning of blank.

Surface grinding

Surface grinding is mainly used in the surface grinding machine grinding plane, groove, etc. There are two types of surface grinding: grinding with the grinding wheel cylindrical surface known as peripheral grinding, the general use of horizontal axis surface grinding machine, such as the use of forming grinding wheel can also be processed on a variety of forming surface; Grinding with the end of the grinding wheel is called end grinding, the general use of vertical surface grinding machine.

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding is mainly carried out on an external cylindrical grinder to grind the outer cylinder, the outer cone and the shoulder face of the shaft workpiece. When grinding, the workpiece low speed rotation, if the workpiece at the same time for the longitudinal reciprocating movement and in the longitudinal movement of each single stroke or double stroke after the grinding wheel relative to the workpiece for the transverse feed, known as longitudinal grinding method. If the width of the grinding wheel is greater than the length of the grinding surface, the workpiece will not move longitudinally during the grinding process, but the grinding wheel will continue to feed horizontally relative to the workpiece, which is called the cut in grinding method. Generally, the efficiency of cut - in grinding is higher than that of longitudinal grinding. If the grinding wheel is trimmed to the forming surface, cut into the grinding method to machine the formed outer surface.

Centerless grinding

Centerless grinding is generally carried out on a centerless grinder to grind the workpiece surface.When grinding, the workpiece is not centered and supported by the top, but placed between the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel, supported by the supporting plate below, and driven by the regulating wheel rotation.When the wheel axis and the grinding wheel axis adjustment into 1 ° ~ 6 ° oblique, artifacts can rotate while automatic longitudinal feed movement along the axial direction, which is referred to as a through grinding.Through grinding can only be used to grind cylindrical surfaces.In the case of cut-in centerless grinding, the axis of the regulating wheel and the axis of the grinding wheel shall be adjusted to be parallel to each other, so that the workpiece is supported on the supporting plate without axial movement, and the grinding wheel continues to make transverse feed relative to the regulating wheel.Cut - in centerless grinding can be machined forming surface.Centerless grinding can also be used for internal grinding. During processing, the outer circle of the workpiece is centering on the roller or the supporting block, and the eccentric electromagnetic suction ring is used to drive the workpiece to rotate. The grinding wheel extends into the hole for grinding.Centerless internal grinding is often used for grinding internal grooves of bearing rings on special grinding machines for bearing rings.