Machining of all kinds of machinery and processing methods

- Mar 19, 2019-

CNC  processing

Turning, CNC or manual vehicles for the processing of cylindrical parts.The cylindrical blank is rotated and the cutter is fed along the axis to produce accurate diameters and reasonable machining depths.Turning can be used either for the outer circle of the car or for the inner circle (i.e. reaming) to obtain pipe parts with various shapes.A machine tool for turning is called a lathe.Turning includes manual turning and CNC turning.


Simple mechanical processing machinery processing technology is to point to use mechanical processing method to change the shape of the blank size of the relative position and nature makes it a whole process of qualified parts, the processing technology is one of the workers in processing according to the machining process is artifacts or parts manufacturing process steps, using the method of mechanical processing, directly changing the shape of the blank size and surface quality, etc., making it a part of process called machining processes such as machining process is a typical rough machining - finishing - assembly - inspection - packaging, is a general process of processing.

Casting Machining

Normally, need for finishing the details of casting parts, some casting methods (such as soluble mould precision casting and pressure die casting) is more accurate than other methods of casting, but there will always be some dimensional tolerance and geometric shape can't directly casting and become, usually must be machined generation business (OEM) or other end users will provide casting to machining, the machining precision and then return to OEM some processing workshops specialise in finish machining of castingsHowever, some workshops are reluctant to process castings, because the smoke and dust generated by the processing of castings will drill into some parts of the processing tools, thus accelerating the wear of the tools and reducing the accuracy of the tools.