How to adjust the polishing head oil pump

- Mar 23, 2020-

1. Each adjustment of the oil pump must be performed on the test bench according to the technical requirements. Improper adjustment can cause serious accidents in the engine during use.

2. For each part removed, inspect it for deformation, damage, rough surface, or abrasion.

3. When adjusting the oil pump, the diesel temperature in the tank of the test bench should be maintained at 40-45 degrees. It should be noted that every 10 degrees C increase in diesel temperature will reduce the fuel supply by 2.5% than normal.

4. Store the parts of each sub-pump in groups in order, and store the parts to be replaced separately from those that may continue to be used. 5Every part of the fuel injection pump, especially the plunger and the fuel outlet valve, must be handled with great care to prevent damage.