Gravity casting mold cost comparison and product requirements

- Jun 24, 2019-

1. Gravity casting, what can it be called? In addition, what are the main requirements in terms of product requirements?

Gravity casting, which refers to a process in which molten metal is injected into a mold under the action of gravity, so it can also be called gravity casting. And its product requirements are mainly: to have a certain strength, and good corrosion resistance. In this way, some surface treatment and heat treatment can be performed, thereby obtaining a casting having excellent performance.

2. What are the molds in gravity casting that are on the material? In addition, which one is higher than the die-casting mold?

For the mold used in gravity casting, the material is generally selected from spheroidal graphite cast iron and hot work die steel. The specific grades include 3Gr2W8V, 4Gr5MoVSi, and SKD61. However, if it is compared with a die-casting mold, then, in terms of cost, the gravity casting mold is lower because the dimensional accuracy is not very high, and the production cost is low.

3. If magnesium ingot is added to pure aluminum gravity casting, then what does it become?

If magnesium ingots are added to pure aluminum gravity casting, then it is not gravity casting of pure aluminum, but gravity casting of aluminum alloys. This kind of casting is because the aluminum alloy is better than pure aluminum in some properties, so it is only necessary to start with it, so that it can meet the requirements of use.