Differences between gravity casting molds and other molds and process advantages

- Jun 27, 2019-

1. In gravity casting, which of the narrow and broad definitions contains more types?

This should be viewed from their definition. If it is narrowly defined, it is only a metal casting, and in a broad sense, there are metal and sand casting, as well as investment casting, mud casting and lost foam. Casting and so on. Therefore, it is obvious that gravity casting is broadly defined and contains more types.

 2. The difference between gravity casting mold and die casting mold

The difference one is: die-casting molds, which have some limitations, such as the principle of die-casting, as well as mold materials, etc., but not on gravity casting molds.

Difference 2: Die-casting molds, which require some auxiliary tools or equipment during use, but not for gravity casting molds.

The difference is three: the gravity casting mold is mostly sand type, while the die casting mold is mainly made of metal with higher melting point.

3. Advantages of metal gravity casting process

The main advantages of the metal gravity casting process are:

At the same production scale, the use of metal-type gravity casting casting process can have lower investment costs and achieve high economic benefits. In addition, it is reliable in process, stable in quality and low in cost. Moreover, the quality of the finished product is better. In terms of system flexibility, it is also very good, and it can be easily coordinated to meet the process requirements.