Coupling types and alignment standards part 3

- Dec 03, 2019-

1. The axial clearance of the two ends of the coupling is generally 2-6mm.

2. Install the toothed coupling to ensure that the outer teeth are in the middle of the inner tooth width.

3. When installing the elastic ring pin coupling, the elastic ring and the pin should have an interference fit and have a certain tight force. The diameter gap between the elastic ring and the coupling pin hole is 0.6 to 1.2 mm.

4. Coupling alignment requirements meet the following table:

Coupling Alignment Requirements Table Unit: mm

Coupling Type Radial Axial

Rigidity 0.06 0.04

Elastic pin

Tooth type 0.08 0.06

Laminated 0.15 0.08

The above requirements are taken from the Internet. Basically within 10 personal work, each coupling has different standards, and the value should be made as small as possible.

5. During the alignment check of the coupling, each group of adjusting shims must not exceed 4 pieces. Here it is marked: Large shims increase the contact area, which has certain benefits for reducing vibration.

6. After the preheating of the hot oil pump is normal, the alignment of the coupling should be rechecked to prevent thermal expansion.

7. laminated couplings do macroscopic examination.