Coupling selection and torque relationship

- Aug 27, 2019-


That is, the calculated torque does not exceed the allowable torque value. The calculated torque Tc of the drum-type gear coupling can be obtained by the following formula:

Tc=KT T=9550×Pw/n=7020×PH/n

Where T = theoretical torque

N.m K---operating coefficient, refer to JB/ZQ4383-86 "Coupling load classification and working condition coefficient", usually 1<K<5.

Pw --- drive power; Kw;

PH---drive power

Horsepower n----speed rpm

When selecting a coupling, you should first consider the appropriate safety factor to be used on the equipment, and then select according to the theoretical torque and fatigue torque of the coupling. But first of all, we must know that the nominal torque is the rated torque and the allowable torque is the maximum torque. The torque of the coupling is related to speed and power, and is inversely proportional to the speed and proportional to the power.