Coupling failure repair technology

- Aug 30, 2019-

When the lubrication effect of the coupling and the bearing bush is not met, various fault characteristics will occur. If the oil pressure is low, the part between the shaft and the bearing bush will cause damage and damage to the moving surface due to dry friction caused by direct contact, and the shaft surface is blue in this case. If the lubricating oil fails or the pressure cannot be built, the moving surface completely loses the protection of the oil film, and the direct contact is used for dry friction.

The main material factors and control levels affecting the service life of high carbon chromium steel rolling bearing parts are.

1. After quenching of GCr15 steel, it is required to obtain a microstructure of occidental martensite with an average carbon content of about 0.55%, about 9% of Ar, and about 7% of undissolved carbide in a uniform and round state. The quenching heating temperature and time can be utilized to control the microstructure.

2. The carbide in the original structure of the steel before quenching is required to be fine and diffuse. High-temperature austenitizing 630 ° C, or 420 ° C high temperature, can also be achieved by wrought waste heat rapid annealing process. Temperature rise bearing alloy layer melting, timely shutdown will produce a "cage" phenomenon, not timely shutdown It will cause more serious damage to the parts.