CNC Programming

- Oct 19, 2018-

There are manual (manual) programming and automatic programming methods for NC machining program. Manual programming, the whole content of the program is written by manual according to the instruction format stipulated by the numerical control system. Automatic programming is computer programming, which can be divided into automatic programming methods based on language and painting.

However, regardless of the automatic programming method, it is necessary to have the corresponding hardware and software. Visible, the realization of NC machining programming is the key. But the light has the programming is not possible, the numerical control processing also includes must do before the programming to do a series of preparation work and after the programming aftercare processing work.

In general, CNC machining process mainly includes the following:

⑴ selecting and determining the parts and contents of NC machining;

⑵ The process analysis of the NC machining of the parts drawing;

⑶ process design of NC machining;

⑷ the mathematical processing of the parts drawing;

⑸ to write the processing procedure list;

⑹ control Medium according to the procedure;

⑺ Calibration and modification of the program;

⑻ first piece trial processing and on-site problem processing;

⑼ NC Machining Process document training and archiving.