CNC machining surface method selection and factors to consider?Part 2

- Mar 31, 2019-

1. The machining accuracy and surface roughness obtained by any CNC machining method have a considerable range, but only in a narrow range is economic, and the machining accuracy of this range is the economic machining accuracy.Therefore, when selecting the processing method, the corresponding processing method which can obtain the economical processing precision should be selected.

2, to consider the nature of CNC machining materials.

3. The structural shape and size of CNC machining parts should be considered.

Consider productivity and economic requirements.Advanced technology with high efficiency should be adopted in mass production.It can even fundamentally change the manufacturing method of the blank and reduce the amount of labor in machining.

4. The existing equipment and technical conditions of the factory or workshop shall be taken into consideration. When selecting processing methods, the existing equipment shall be fully utilized to tap the potential of the enterprise and give play to the initiative and creativity of the workers.However, continuous improvement of existing processing methods and equipment, adoption of new technologies and improvement of technological level should also be considered.

The above is the selection of CNC machining workpiece surface processing method to consider what factors are introduced, CNC machining workpiece surface processing method depends on the technical requirements of the machining surface.The selected CNC machining method should meet the requirements of part quality, good machining economy and high production efficiency.


Precision CNC machining process

Control processing, precision CNC machining is actually the index will need to first after processing programming written into the drawing, and then connect the computer to CNC machine tools, command through the programming of CNC machine tools, precision parts processing precision CNC processing main mass variety is suitable for small batch spare parts processing, CNC machining parts precision is very high, so in the service of different industries precision parts processing precision CNC processing under the below small make up to introduce the technological process in front of CNC machining parts must see first process, and machining to know the part of the shapeDrawing size and know the content of the next process.

Before processing raw materials are clamped, the billet size should be measured to see whether it conforms to the requirements of the drawings. The placement of the billet must be carefully checked to see whether it is consistent with the programming instructions. After the rough machining of the processing technology, the self-test should be conducted in time, so that the data with errors can be adjusted in time.


1, mechanical parts processing process whether there is loose;

2, whether the parts processing technology is the correct number of touch point;

3. Whether the size of CNC parts processed to the reference edge (reference point) conforms to the drawing requirements;

4. Positions and sizes of CNC machining parts.After checking the position size, the rough shape ruler should be measured (except arc).

After the confirmation of rough machining, the parts shall be processed. Before finishing, the shape and size of the parts on the drawings shall be self-checked: the basic length and width of the processed parts on the vertical plane shall be tested.Of bevel machining parts marked on the basis of size measurement drawing complete parts self-checking, confirmation of consistent with drawings and technical requirements to remove the artifacts to send inspector ZhuanJian to meet precision CNC parts processing small batch processing, the need to first confirm qualified batch processing after the above content is the process of precision CNC processing are introduced, and high precision CNC machining center machine tool itself, the high precision and complex classes, small batch parts processing has a unique advantage;Precision grinding machine is one of the precision processing equipment, mainly finishing, mainly quenching processing of parts;CNC lathe is also an automatic processing equipment, the general shaft cylindrical parts processing, for special precision requirements or small batch parts processing more advantages.


Summary of CNC Machining

At present, the mold and parts design is more and more complex, more and more high precision requirements, delivery time is getting shorter and shorter, so that the five-axis processing has been more and more widely used.In order to adapt to the market demand, the development of a series of high-precision, high-speed five-axis machine tools, the workpiece clamping can be completed complex processing, at the same time, you can feel the precision of five-axis machining and three-axis machine tool comparable.