Analysis and confirmation of the precision casting manufacturer's process plan

- Apr 05, 2019-

The mission of process analysis can be summarized as: based on the functional properties of the casting, raw materials, shape, standard accuracy, quality requirements and production batches, equipment, equipment, things, power, inspection methods, management levels and personnel that are available or available Under the conditions of quality, various process options are available.

In the process analysis, the following questions must be considered and answered:

1. Can you meet the function of the casting?

2. Can you meet the technical conditions and quality standards of the drawings;

3. Whether the casting structure is reasonable, whether there is any remaining dressing;

4. Whether the machining allowance can be reduced;

5. Whether the deformation force or deformation function can be reduced;

6. Whether the metal streamline meets the requirements;

7. Whether the quality of the process is lost;

8. Whether the process and work steps are now the least;

9. Whether the use of materials is sufficient, whether it may be co-cast with other castings, multiple pieces or multiple pieces;

10. Have you considered advanced technologies such as cold casting, precision casting, pendulum rolling, partial die casting, segmented die casting, combined die casting, and casting welding.