Standard Flexible Torque Limiter TL Torque Limiter

Standard Flexible Torque Limiter TL Torque Limiter

The serration of the serpentine spring coupling is curved: when the load is small, the linear portion of the serpentine spring is substantially parallel to the coupled axis; when the load is increased, the deformation of the serpentine spring increases, and the contact arc surface with the teeth also As the distance increases, the distance from the point of contact with the teeth becomes shorter and shorter, and the stiffness increases. The relative rotation angle of theTorque limiters are also known as torque limiters, safety couplings, safety clutches, BMOOM limiters, etc., which are cheap, simple in structure, convenient for disassembly and maintenance, fast response after overload, high set torque accuracy, and longer service life. Long, equipped with a micro switch can output electrical signals after overload to facilitate alarm or automatically stop the motor. Widely used in electronic equipment industry, automated production line, conveyor industry, etc.
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Torque limiter is a component that connects the driving machine with the working machine. Its main function is overload protection. When the torque limiter exceeds the set value due to overload or mechanical failure, it limits the transmission of the transmission system in the form of slip. The torque and slip can also stop the motor and reducer with a signal output, and restore the connection by itself when the overload situation disappears.


The HaiYu Torque Limiter is a good overload protection device whose function is to limit the torque in the drive system by slipping when the sudden load, overload or stop causes the torque to exceed the preset value. When the overload is removed, it can automatically return to the position without re-commissioning the settings. The Otis Torque Limiter prevents equipment damage and eliminates downtime. It works by using a spring mounted on the friction surface. The slip torque can be adjusted by adjusting the nut or bolt. The central element that can be clamped between the two friction surfaces is used in conjunction with a sprocket, gear, pulley or flange. The function is combined with the optimum spring load and surface pressure to ensure a long slip time, maintain a predetermined torque response, and provide long-term continuous protection. The biggest advantage compared to a one-time remedial safety pin system.

3.pngwheel hub   Friction plate  ③Bushing  ④Pressure plate⑤Disc spring ⑥washer  ⑦Adjustment nut ⑧Adjustment bolt  ⑨Fixing screw    ⑩Retreat gasket

1. Determine the required slip torque according to the load conditions or the force of the device itself. If the equipment load conditions are unclear, set the slip torque to 1.5-2 times the torque generated by the motor on the shaft of the load limiting device.

2. When using the torque limiting device, choose a torque range and a sufficient aperture range. 3. Determine the appropriate liner width based on the thickness of the center member of the two friction plate intermediate clips.

规格   扭矩范围普通内径最大孔径 轴衬长度轴衬外径中心构件孔径尺寸
TypeTorque  range     N.mOrdinary  diameterH10Maximum  apertureBushing  lengthBushing  outer diameterCentral  member apertureDDHLITtS(MAX)AC调整螺母Adjustment  nut调整螺栓 Adjustment bolt固定螺栓 Fixing bolts重量    Weight
TL-200-12.94~9.88143.830305024296.52.62.57_38M24       p1.0__0.2
TL-250-16.86~27.4410224.54141653548164.53.29450M35       p1.5_M50.6
TL-350-119.6~74.4817254.54949894262194.53.216663M42       p1.5_M61.2
TL-500-146.08~209.7220426.5747412765762263.2167_M65       p1.5M8P1.0    3PCSM83.5
TL-700-1115.64~569.3830649.510510517895982483.2298_M95       p1.5M8P1.0    3PCSM108.4

1. The friction surface of the intermediate component should be machined to ensure the rated torque. As well as flatness, parallelism, consistent with the hole and anti-rust, anti-oil, recommended surface roughness Ra1.6, if the central component can not meet the above technical requirements, the slip torque will be unstable.

2. Please machine the hole of the center component according to the following table, and select the minimum number of sprocket teeth and the shaft width.

规格中心元件孔径(mm     Center element aperture轴轮节距和齿数 Shaft wheel pitch and number of  teeth
链轮最小齿数  轴环宽度(mm) 链轮最小齿数轴环宽度(mm) 链轮最小齿数轴环宽度(mm) 链轮最小齿数轴环宽度(mm) 链轮最小齿数轴环宽度(mm) 链轮最小齿数轴环宽度(mm) 链轮最小齿数轴环宽度(mm) 
Sprocket minimum number of teeth Collar widthSprocket  minimum number of teeth Collar widthSprocket  minimum number of teeth Collar widthSprocket  minimum number of teeth Collar widthSprocket  minimum number of teeth Collar widthSprocket  minimum number of teeth Collar widthSprocket  minimum number of teeth Collar width
TL 20030203.8166————————————————————
TL 25041————206178————————————————
TL 350 49————266189.51514.5————————————
TL 50074————356298259.51914.5————————
TL 700105————————398339.52614.521171822


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