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Company Profile Guangzhou Ostar Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Established in 2003, Ostar Auto parts company is located in China delivering new and rebuild air suspensions all around the world.

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    • Line Polishing Machine Head

      Line Polishing Machine Head

      Before using a high-speed polisher, check the environment as follows Keep hands and feet away from the rotating polishing head. The operator must not step on the power cord or entangle it in the polishing head. The operator must dress properly. The polished area must not exceed the length of the power cord. The operator shall not release the operation handle without authorization. When stopping, be sure to release the handle only after the high-speed polishing machine has completely stopped rotating. Do not use a polishing pad with dust or dirt on it. Replace the polishing pad when it is too dirty to clean. When replacing and installing the polishing pad, be sure to cut off the power.

    • Polishing Head For Stone Machine

      Polishing Head For Stone Machine

      Polishing is a key step in the mold processing process, used to remove the processing traces of the previous process, improve the surface quality of the workpiece, and eliminate local stress concentration. In actual life, many workpieces need to be polished because of surface accuracy requirements or aesthetic requirements. The surface grinding of workpieces is mainly achieved by the highly rotating grinding head moving on the surface of the workpiece.

    • Marble Slab Polishing Machine Heads

      Marble Slab Polishing Machine Heads

      Diamond polishing head: a grinding tool for non-metallic materials such as stone and porcelain, especially a grinding tool with diamond alloy as the grinding body, which includes a base body and several grinding bodies, of which several are ground The body is fixed in the matrix with a gap, and the grinding body is also set on the grinding surface of the grinding head. Among them, the matrix is made of a bonding material with a certain toughness as much as possible, and the grinding body is made of a diamond alloy material as much as possible. The utility model has the characteristics of high grinding performance, simple manufacturing and low cost, high grinding processing quality, and can be applied to large-scale grinding processing.